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Gépgyártás és Vákumtechnika


Dosing bearing and bearing pressing on purpose equipment

Design, construction and renovation of special machines


Automatic bulb flattening

The machine's basic structure is a 12-positioning rotary table. The device automatically fed the various components of bulbs, perform the required operations on them, and dispense them for furtherusein the production line. The machine is fully controlled by a PLC.

Bearingdosing and pressin-purposeequipment

Two main units of a manual assembly station. The first delivers an axial bearing to an oil pump and verifies the propersequence of the bearingrings. The other unit presses the radial bearing with a pneumatic cylinder in the first unit. The second unit driven by PLC unit according to the customer demand.

In feed chain track

Lamp component, -transfer equipment. Its task during the manufacturing of decorative lamps that it takes out the finished assembly from the stand mounting automatic special machine, it synchronizes the step number of the two machines, and puts the assembly in the solder special machine automatically without touching it by human hand.

Foiling machine

Fluor escent lamps are sometimes provided with a protective tube preventing the glass particles are dispersedas a consequence of possible  breaking. The machine is responsible for this protective tube tobe fastened both ends of the fluorescenttube, by heating. The heat causes that the tubing shrinks around the lamp head. Suitable for the heating of two types of lengthof fluorescent lamp.

Punching machine

It cut soff plastic injection-molded parts like mobile phone keys. The equipment entirely pneumatically operated.

Germicid lamp vacuum pumping special machine


Measuring Gates with calibers

Devices designed to the microscopic measure of various car lights.

18-head pumping machine