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Gépgyártás és Vákumtechnika


Dosing bearing and bearing pressing on purpose equipment

Space technology


Space experiment on the International Space Station

UniqueinCentral Europe,Admatis Ltd. carried out an independentindustrialexperimentin 2010, int he Columbusmodule of the ISS. Ourcompanymanufacturedthefoamcartridgesusedintheexperiment. Duringthe 3-hour experiment, foam was produced by the astronaut Admatis from the foam generato rdeveloped b yAdmatis and continuouslytookphotographsinthemeanwhile.



Satellite Hardware Development (MAF)

Intheframework of the project 1.1.1-11-2012-0078 GOP of the New Széchenyi Plan, there is an ongoingdevelopment ofthermal, opticalelements and groundsupportunitsof satellites. The members of theconsortium:Admatis Ltd. Goodwill-Trade Ltd., DinasEngineering Ltd., and the College of Dunaújváros.

During the project, specialproduction- and testing technologiesare being developed